Rusty's Wild Rice


Canadian-grown wild rice is prized for its exceptional quality. The growing conditions are ideal for producing this high quality of crop.

Wild rice grows best in the shallow water of small lakes, and slow flowing streams.

One of Northern Canada's Largest Producers of Certified Organic Long Grain Wild Rice.

Pro Cert Organic Certification 2013-2014
Pro Cert Organic Certification 2013-2014.
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Canada Organic Certified
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Certified Organic

Plate of Cooked RiceWe produce an excellent quality of certified Canadian long grain rice. Our family business produces a high quality product from environmentally friendly, highly-productive lakes in Saskatchewan. These lakes are inspected annually in order to maintain the Organic Certification for Canadian, European, and US markets.

Our rice is Grade A in both 'Extra Large' and 'Medium Large.'

Bag of RiceOur certification comes from Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. (Pro-Cert). This is comparable to OCIA International certification.